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Concept Testing For An Innovative Platform For Content Creators And Their Fans

As the voice of consumer specialists, we conduct research with a diverse range of customers and experts, including content creators.

Content creators typically specialize in specific niches or industries, dedicating significant time and effort to understand their chosen field thoroughly. Successful content creators possess an intimate knowledge of their audience's behavior and needs from brands.

This is why content creators are increasingly recognized as industry experts, offering valuable collaboration opportunities for various business objectives such as new product development and testing, competitive analysis, industry trends identification, and more.

Incorporating influencers into your market research can provide a unique perspective and access to insights about engaged audiences. With the booming creator economy, we observe the rise of new products and services tailored specifically to creators as their target audience.

Read our recent case study showcasing our research for CreatorCut, an emerging online platform designed for content creators and their fans.

Content creator filming a video

Project Context

CreatorCut, a newly established startup in the pre-seed stage, identified an opportunity to harness technology's potential in strengthening the relationship between creators and their followers. The founder sought to validate product concepts and hypotheses to ensure fit with the creators' market. Qualitative research was needed to test the initial product ideas with creators, pinpoint the categories of creators interested in the product, and evaluate their perceptions of the concept.


RemCal Insights recruited 8 influencers in the United States representing diverse categories and active on various social media platforms. 

We conducted one-on-one online interviews, ensuring the selection of the right creators based on specific criteria in line with the client's preferences, including follower count, content type and quality, and past brand collaborations. 

The challenge for recruiting influencers for market research usually lies in the fact that traditional recruiting channels such as online panels may not provide the client with the desired creators profiles. Hence, we employed a mix of channels including direct outreach to creators across various social media platforms.

Value added

  1. The research shed light on the product’s perception among influencers and guided the client in optimizing the product concept. 

  2. It helped identify creator profiles most interested in using the platform and unveiled pain points, needs, and motivations for platform adoption. 

  3. With insights provided by this research, the founder successfully incorporated optimization ideas into their product concepts, leading to a successful pitch and participation in a venture accelerator program.


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