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How To Choose The Right Vendor For Your Due Diligence Needs

Updated: Apr 9

Similar to the consumer world of ‘too many choices’, investors have too many vendors to choose from when it comes to their due diligence needs.

RemCal Insights, a boutique consultancy, is often hired in the pre due diligence phase to test investor hypotheses or in the confirmatory due diligence phase to work alongside one of the big 3 consultancies.

The bigger consulting firms can be valuable for large-scale research and projects requiring diverse expertise, whereas, boutique consultancies tend to excel in these scenarios:

Team of market researchers working on a project

Specialized expertise

When a project requires deep knowledge in a specific niche or industry, smaller consultancies with expertise in that area can provide more tailored solutions. In our case, we're experts in consumer insights and being able to establish a rapport with consumers to get a real understanding of their behaviors and perceptions of a category. At a bigger firm you may get someone who has multiple disciplines, without true expertise in one category.

Senior professionals

In boutique consultancies, the project is in ‘expert hands’ from start to finish, ensuring you’re only getting the highest quality insights. In the opposite case, you may not have control over how senior the consultant is (unless you pay more).


Big consulting firms often come with higher overhead costs due to their large infrastructure and extensive resources. In contrast, boutique consultancies have lower operating costs, which can translate to more competitive costs.


Boutique consultancies can be more flexible and adaptable, making it easier to respond quickly to changing project needs, whereas big consulting firms may not have as much flexibility to make changes.

Tight timeline

Project initiation and implementation are typically more straightforward and quicker for small consultancies. For example, at RemCal Insights we’ve developed our approach so we can do the whole project from start to finish within 2-3 weeks.

The final choice usually depends on the specific needs and nature of the project.

At RemCal Insights we focus on consumer and expert insights and help investment teams understand the consumer sentiment which guides the deal.


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