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Due Diligence On A Hair Wellness Brand

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

girl with beautiful long hair

Project Context

A global leading Private Equity firm saw an investment opportunity in a ‘hair wellness’ brand that delivers a holistic treatment plan for men and women concerned with hair loss/thinning. RemCal Insights was set to understand the consumer segments, key motivators for entering the brand, and brand perceptions against key competitors.



In-depth, remote interviews were conducted to understand how consumers and experts perceive the value of the brand and opportunities in the hair wellness category.

RemCal Insights recruited 24 consumers of mixed categories: current, lapsed, and potential users. Also, 4 experts such as dermatologists and hair stylists across the US were interviewed to explore the context for recommending the brand.


Value added

This qualitative research allowed us to understand who the consumer is, their relationship with their hair, and triggers and barriers to the category.

We identified not only functional motivators to purchase the product, but also less obvious emotional drivers. We also got to understand experts, what they’re seeing when it comes to hair loss/thinning and the products they recommend. These findings helped us evaluate the brand marketing strategy fit with consumers' needs and provide implications for improving brand loyalty.


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