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Evaluating Perceptions Of Health Technology Around The World

Updated: Apr 9

RemCal Insights may have its headquarters in the US, but we study consumers around the world and develop global brand strategies with our creative partners.

Conducting research across multiple languages means phrases will not translate the same way or images will not resonate across all cultures. In addition, specifics of the state system in each particular country can also determine brand messaging.

Here’s our recent case study for a health technology company that demonstrates the importance of conducting research before launching a global brand campaign.

health technology research

Project Context

A global health technology company is preparing for a new product launch later this year. They want to understand how to talk about the technology in a way that will motivate both patients and nurses across the US, the UK, Italy and Japan.


RemCal Insights recruited patients and healthcare professionals in the US, the UK, Italy and Japan to take part in remote interviews to evaluate the ideas and perceptions of health technology. As a first stage, we started in the US to help the team decide which concepts were the most motivating.

After a round of interviews, we were able to optimize the ideas to take into the International markets. Conducting interviews for foreign markets might be a challenge due to the language and cultural barriers, thus we worked with local translators to optimize the ideas for each country and provide simultaneous translation during the interviews to understand the key similarities and differences across the different markets.

Value Added

After interviews with nurses and patients in Italy, Japan and the UK we recognized the types of images/concepts/product positioning that are ‘safe’ to use that consumers [patients + nurses] find motivating, are not necessarily the same as they are in the US. We were able to provide recommendations on how to optimize the images and language in an effort to find a universal language for the brand to effectively communicate its value.

Looking to launch a global marketing campaign? Get in touch today to discuss how consumer insights can help you achieve market fit.


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