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Enhancing A Loyalty Program For A Chain Of Convenience Stores

Updated: Apr 9

As consumers are tightening their purse strings, how can brands keep them engaged and loyal?

We’re facing a rapidly-evolving market landscape, and businesses of all sizes are navigating challenges brought on by economic uncertainties and shifting consumer behaviors.

With customers becoming more mindful about their purchases, brands must find ways to encourage consumer engagement and boost loyalty.

Over the last several months, here at RemCal Insights we had a lot of projects aimed at improving customer loyalty and, indeed, putting the customers at the center of your brand strategy helps navigate the market successfully and drive growth in the face of the current economic climate.

Our recent case study on enhancing a loyalty program for a chain of convenience stores in the US demonstrates how consumer research can help boost customer loyalty.

Woman with a baby using loyalty card in the grocery store

Project Context

A global chain of convenience stores wanted to introduce a new rewards program in an effort to motivate customers to use the app more. Qualitative research was needed to ensure current members and non-members give permission for this change and to gauge the level of excitement and motivation for it.


RemCal Insights recruited 6 groups of consumers in the USA and conducted virtual focus groups with the store’s current loyalty program members and non-members. Consumers came from different socio-economic backgrounds and geographic locations across the USA which allowed the research team to cover different customer segments.

Value Added

Focus groups helped identify key factors that drive customers’ perceptions of the program, as well as differences in perceptions of a new program between members and non-members.

We were able to identify certain improvement areas for the current loyalty program and provide the client with strategic brand opportunities for the growth and development of the program. Insights gathered from the research helped the client to get sufficient data and extra confidence to make a decision to change the loyalty program.


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