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Consumer insights, now.


We help businesses become more consumer-focused by using one or a hybrid of techniques

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Face to face interviews in real time with consumers. These in-person interactions, allow us to observe actual vs. reported behavior and what that means for the category and brand

Interviews with professionals to forecast trends or themes in the category. These insights help inform a brand's innovation pipeline as well as understand a brands potential growth opportunity

When you want to gain a behind-the-scenes perspective on who the ‘real’ consumer is and how they relate to the category and brand


Due Diligence

We help investors feel informed about their investment decisions by giving them an understanding of who the ‘real’ consumer is, their relationship with the category and brand beyond the trends that are highlighted in quantitative research. 

Brand Development and Consumer Profiling

When our clients are developing a brand, we run consumer research to help them understand who the core consumer might be and how this brand will fulfil any unmet needs. At the end of the research, we understand who the 'bulls-eye' and aspirational consumer is and help refine the brand/product offer. 

Iterative Concept or Package Design

When our clients want to evaluate a concept before the finished product, we conduct iterative consumer interviews so we can understand what’s working and what’s not.

Consumer Panel Subscription

A cost-efficient cohort of people recruited specifically for our client as a means to keep them informed about their consumer and their changing needs. We like to tell our clients that it’s like a more thorough and accurate social listening tool.

Marketing and Consulting Services

Educate and empower our clients to facilitate their own consumer research. Our clients in the start-up and incubator space recognize the need to connect with their consumer, but have leaner budgets. We provide training on how to find the right people to talk to and how to talk to them in a way that will deliver the strongest insights.



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RemCal Insights was founded by Rachel Martin, a strategist and consumer insights expert with over 10 years of experience. 


After 7 years working for boutique research firms, Rachel was tired of telling clients that research was going to take 5+ weeks, so she founded RemCal Insights. She’s developed an approach that enables her to deliver the insights in 2-3 weeks. Rachel does it all, but works with category experts and consumer recruiters.

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Discover what's to come in 2023 from our report! 

We uncover 7 consumer behavior trends and provide guidance on actions your brand needs to undertake to embrace the emerging opportunities. In this report, you will find the recommendations that will strengthen relationships with your customers.

These themes come from hundreds of 1:1 interviews with consumers and experts across multiple categories: beauty, wellness, and food.

#1: Technology reinvents traditional beauty.

#2: Could Tik Tok be the new Google.

#3: Less is more.

#4: ...

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