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B2B vs B2C Market Research: Defining The Difference

Updated: Apr 9

When conducting research for a B2B client, expertise in the B2B market can’t guarantee immediate success.

The B2B market is different from B2C and having prior experience with B2B can serve as a good foundation for research. However, what really matters for a project’s success is expertise in finding the right people to talk to and the interview techniques deployed in order to get people to open up to get the insights you need.

In the end, it's the customer who has the information which the company is looking for and by bringing in an expert in the voice of the consumer research who can establish a rapport with any type of customer, that's when a brand will get quality insights.

At the same time, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work here. For research projects with B2B clients, we usually keep these things in mind:

a woman conducting online interview on her laptop

Target audience

For B2B vs B2C market research, the focus shifts to reaching out to professionals or stakeholders within companies who have been involved in purchasing decisions or have knowledge of the company's needs and requirements. The main goal here is to find the right people to understand the business's challenges, objectives, and the criteria used to assess potential suppliers.

Recruitment channels

B2B interviews typically require targeting specific industries, companies, or roles within organisations which may limit the use of traditional channels. In this case, we will add a bit more creativity and search for these professionals through channels like professional networks, industry groups and communities, or direct contact.

Sample size

As B2B research usually involves a specific group of people in companies, interviews may involve a smaller sample size due to the limited number of businesses in a specific industry or professionals in that role.

Interview setting

Answering the questions about your company’s business and professional environment might be more difficult in a group of people. This may be due to the inability to share private information or other personal reasons. That’s why we’d usually recommend prioritising in-depth interviews over focus groups.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C company looking to better understand your customers, RemCal Insights owns the experience and expertise to relate to your customers in order to uncover the insights to drive success for your business.


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